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Rosary in Sunset

Christian Education

Education is the process of teaching and learning, fostering the spiritual, intellectual, social, and physical development of students. This entails discovering the truth about life. Dunsborough Christian College asserts that the eternal God has created, and constantly sustains, all things. We acknowledge the dignity, purpose and worth of every person having been created in the image of God. Furthermore, God has personally revealed himself, and seeks to reconcile humanity with himself, through his Son, Jesus Christ. 

The college endeavours to honour God in education by placing Christ at the core of all activities. The Bible serves as the foundation for faith, truth, and practice, shaping every aspect of college life in accordance with a Biblical Christian perspective.  

As a Christian school, children are introduced to, and participate in a variety of regular activities that honour Jesus including teaching and reading from the Bible, praying, singing, and serving others. We celebrate the significance of Jesus’ birth during Christmas and His death and resurrection during Easter.

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