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Learning Culture

A cultivated seed has the ability to grow and flourish yet depends on a life-giving environment to do so. Likewise, we recognise that while God has given humans the innate ability to learn, this is best achieved within a caring community. At Dunsborough Christian College, we believe students are capable learners who thrive in their learning journey when they know they belong. Our staff get to know each student’s unique characteristics in order to provide an environment conducive to learning. Students are encouraged to learn to form and maintain healthy and respectful friendships and seek the help of others to work though problems.  

To grow, a tree must push its roots deeply into the soil and expand its canopy. Similarly, students grow as they develop their ability to learn. As self-learners, they actively engage in acquiring knowledge by posing good questions, listening to others, reasoning, evaluating ideas and expressing arguments with clarity, confidence, and respect. When challenging situations arise, students take considered risks, learn from their mistakes, and exhibit determination to progress in their learning. Their teachers set reasonable expectations and provide timely feedback to encourage further growth. 

A flourishing tree is a blessing to its diverse environment. It provides shade, shelter, and food to promote life. Likewise, a flourishing student participates in, contributes to, and collaborates with their fellow students to achieve positive outcomes. They are generous toward others with their knowledge, time, effort, skills, talents, and friendship. Knowing that all humans are created in the image of God, students learn to display humility and honour by treating others of all walks of life with dignity, respect and promoting a sense of belonging. They seek to make their communities better places by being responsible, courageous, and compassionate. 

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